Blitz Boba changes the boba game. Revolutionizing boba flavors; our drinks are street inspired from diverse cultures. Our drinks will make your taste buds crave for more. We bring communities together (literally) in our black and yellow, 8-bit truck as we travel around Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.

Whether we’re at UNLV, First Friday, Food Truck Frenzy, Foodie Fest or your next catering event we’re sure to bring the good vibes to you!



Our Team

Young entrepreneurs making dreams a reality.

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Bossman. As a kid, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. From selling candy bars in my neighborhood in Chino Hills, CA, to reselling locker items and shoes. I’ve always wanted to start something that was mine. I’ve always had a love for video games and played hours of League of Legends. My love for video games transpired to starting my own business. I love that it always challenged me to strategize to win.

I quit my day job at Apple and dropped out of college carrying the hunger to start Blitz Boba. I grabbed the opportunity with the passion to bring communities together. I am blessed with the most talented young entrepreneurs in my team who keep striving for more.

Life is nothing but a video game.

Fave drink: Coconut Thai Tea



Marketing Alchemist. Marketing Blitz lets my creativity run wild! Nothing ever stays consistent which makes every day exciting and challenging. Curating the brand by integrating the fun aspects of video games and modern branding is crazy fun.

Fave Drink: Matcha Milk Tea



Wheelman. I drive Blitz everyday all around Vegas. This smooth ride lets me explore all the different places the city has to offer. It gets me out of my comfort zone - from parallel parking Betty to driving 60 miles out. It’s nothing but adventure. I get to meet different people everyday and make our customers, our family.

Fave Drink: Coconut Thai Tea



Creative Bae. I get to explore all aspects of the business! From marketing to operations to menu development, to catering - it’s never a dull moment. Marketing is my love and love that I get to meet all kinds of people all around Las Vegas!

Fave Drink: Coffee Horchata



Matt’s Right Hand Man. Jack of all trades. I make sure that the truck is in tip top shape. Icing the generator on a 100 degree weather, oil change, maintenance AND serving you good ass boba.

Fave Drink: Mango Smoothie



Boba Queen. As a passionate boba lover, I get to create my own drinks for Blitz! Creating the menu items to serve drinks that people want is what I love to do. I get to tap into my creative side by helping out with marketing and branding.

Fave Drink: Coconut Thai Tea



Dreamer. Blitz never feels like work! I love the vibe we give off to our customers. Loud music? Good boba? Genuine conversations with our customers? What more do you need for a good experience? And I get to work with my friends who make “work” even more fun.

Fave Drink: Oreo Milk Tea w/ extra Oreos